Erotic Art


Tales from the Dungeon

"Hi… I'm glad you've joined me here… This is a really scary site where girls like me find themselves in chains and rope or taken by aliens for their twisted uses… Let's be really quiet and I'll take a peek inside… Just hold on tight to me… You can hold me there… Your hand does feel good… In Bugler's world cute girls are chained for the use and pleasure of men and aliens alike. The quality of the 3D erotic art is incredible. You can almost hear the whimpers of the poor babes.

In a series of pictures this artist likes to put lovely women in situations of intense arousal. Often they are to be seen naked, bound and gagged like Akino. The master has plans for her use. The gag holds Akino's mouth open making it easy for the man to thrust his thick male thingy in her mouth. Her owner also decided to tie her body in such a way that he has access to all her cute charms. What happens next? Well, I think I'll let you find out when you take a peek yourself. This is only one of the stories to be enjoyed.

Some of the hot pictures in this site come with notes that make them all the more enticing. There's a gallery of pinups that will knock your socks off you. These hot babes are shown in a variety of styles including magazine covers for your pleasures. Bugler has a way of making you horny within minutes of seeing his work. Mmmmmm… I think I'd better go before I get into trouble… I enjoyed telling you about this exciting site… I hope I'll see you again soon…"


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